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Professional Hygiene

Professional Hygiene

Cleaning Service Contractors

With decades of experience working with contract cleaners, GPM recognises how important cleaning efficiency and quality are for your daily operation. We also understand the unique financial and compliance pressure as well as personnel fluctuation which demand high-quality management to provide the promised cleaning performance to your customers.

GPM is aware of the diversity of your customer portfolio with different requirements for cleanliness, number of cleaning cycles per week as well as cleaning hours, and that your customers’ business activity influences the selection of appropriate chemicals, cleaning tools and machines.

Ecolab’s programmes are dedicated to providing you with CLEAN, SAFE, EFFICIENT solutions that take site-specific requirements into account as well as profit expectations.

The combination of proven products, accurate dosing systems and on-site training & service helps you to:

  • Optimise processes & results
  • Realise the desired level of cleanliness
  • Keep personnel trained
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve a smooth on-site workflow

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

GPM understands that clean surroundings in the industry sector enhance quality perception. Specific type of soilings in your sector result in particular challenges. Furthermore, you consider it as your duty to provide a safe working environment to your employees and avoid any risks to their health.

As an operator of a commercial facility, it is your primary goal to create an environment conducive to the well-being of customers and employees alike. The degree of visible cleanliness of your facility, therefore, is an especially important factor. GPM understands your daily challenges of providing superior cleaning results and offers tailor-made solutions for shops, shopping malls, department stores and for office buildings.

ECOLAB 360° of Protection Programme for commercial and industrial facilities is designed to provide site-specific solutions that assist you in making your operations CLEAN. SAFE. EFFICIENT.

GPM’s trained sales force actively supports you in your daily operations with scheduled and emergency visits. 360° of Protection helps you to:

  • Maximise the cleaning impact on specific soiling with dedicated products.
  • Adapt to site-specific needs with solutions for small and large surfaces.
  • Keep canteens and kitchen appliances clean and sparkling to avoid any risk of food-borne illnesses.
  • Optimise processes in order to save time.

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