Calvatis Calgodip Blue Kamille 20kg 200kg

Calvatis Calgodip Blue Kamille is a teat dip- and care agent.

Calvatis Calgodip Blue Kamille is a ready-to-use teat care preparation of the new generation for dipping after every milking. Calvatis Calgodip Blue Kamille forms a non-dripping and disinfecting barrier film around the teat.

It also contains skin-protecting components and a well-balanced amount of biological lactic acid. High quality care components make the skin resistant and supple. Contained camomile soothes the teat skin.

Calgodip Blue Kamille Benefits:

  • gives excellent skin condition and protection
  • ensures udder health and milk quality
  • non-drip
  • forms a long-lasting barrier film
  • iodine-free
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