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Food and Beverage Hygiene

Food and Beverage Hygiene

Food and Beverage Hygiene

Beverage Production and Brewing

It is a fact that the Beverage industry is a highly globalized market, primarily controlled by large multi-national corporations that possess globally recognized and highly esteemed brands. While this statement is also applicable to the Brewing sector, numerous local premium brands have managed to sustain their operations amidst the industry’s consolidation, and are experiencing increasing success within their respective national markets.
The value of these companies is reflected in their national or international brands, motivating their pursuit of the highest level of quality and consistency across their products, regardless of where they are produced. To maintain consistent and high-quality products, it is crucial to partner with experts who are located where the products are made and can deliver reliable programs that produce results. For this very reason, our suppliers are the preferred partners of choice for the most eminent Beverage Producers and Breweries worldwide.

Our programmes encompass:

  • World-class CIP regimes including Diagnostic and Optimisation
  • Automated / semi-automated Filler Hygiene concepts for aseptic and non-aseptic lines
  • A wide selection of wet and dry Conveyor Lubricants
  • Specialised Tank and Crate Cleaning programmes and a wealth of complimentary applications

Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic Industries

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Biotechnology and Fine Chemicals

The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Biotechnology and Fine Chemicals industries provide specific cleaning and sanitation challenges that require equally specific expertise. Unusual soils such as organic and inorganic pigments and O/W and W/O emulsions require specialist cleaning chemistry and know-how. Like the production process itself, the cleaning and sanitation regimes need to be validated and require additional analytical techniques.
GPM’s suppliers understand these special challenges and provide a range of produced solutions that ensure compliance with the stringent regulations. Their validation support, and the dedication of their Sales and Support team, are unmatched throughout these industries.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Expertise in industry knowledge to deliver optimised cleaning procedures, CIP auditing, and trouble shooting
  • Laboratory cleaning trials (worldwide) on your specific formulations to offer the best cleaning plan
  • Training in hygiene methodology and techniques
  • Consistency and efficiency of the production process
  • Less downtime

Milk/Dairy Industries

Dairy Product Manufacturing

Dairy processors manufacture a diverse array of products, each with unique hygiene requirements and challenges, ranging from UHT liquid milk to complex probiotic yogurt-based beverages, ice cream, desserts, and cheese. Several processes in this industry consume substantial amounts of utilities, emphasizing the importance of cost control and optimization.

GPM suppliers’ solutions help you to effectively clean and sanitise all types of processing equipment using products and systems designed to meet the specific needs of the dairy industry.

We also design bespoke solutions to address critical processes and operational issues such as Water and Energy Management, Chemical Usage and Storage and Effluent Treatment.

Our customers benefit from:

  • The most comprehensive suite of cleaning and disinfection products available
  • An expert Service Team unparalleled in the market
  • Innovative and value-driven solutions
  • Tailored Management and Procedural regimes

Meat/Food Processing

Food Processing

Food Processing is a diverse sector which extends from the primary processing of meats to the more complex, high care areas of Ready-to-Eat and partially prepared convenience meals. The Food market is very much local and reflects not only local tastes and specialties but also ethnic diversity, novel products and shelf life challenges. Product development is rapid and sometimes short-lived, leading to a high number of new introductions and process complexity. New lines, faster and more flexible production methods, more effective supply chain interaction and exacting legislation put a huge demand on the processor’s quality assurance procedures.

The wide range of processes in the food industry creates a significant risk potential, necessitating strict adherence to safety standards and regulated procedures. It is the legal responsibility of all food processors to produce food that is wholesome, meets the necessary quality standards, and is safe for consumption. Thus, good management and control are imperative at every site to ensure that all factors that contribute to food safety operate consistently and effectively.

This level of complexity and diversity requires a Hygiene Partner of integrity – a recognised and dependable partner such as GPM. We, in GPM, have embraced this responsibility and have continually developed a wealth of programmes and services with the help of our suppliers that deliver consistent Food Safety wherever the production site may be throughout the world.

From the time an employee enters the plant through a Hygiene Sluice, we:

  • Facilitate conformance to internal and statutory quality and safety standards
  • Ensure environmental and personal hygiene procedures
  • Provide management tools that oversee all hygiene interventions
  • Provide a continuous level of innovation to meet changing requirements


Food Safety starts at the farm – at the very beginning of the food chain. Healthy animals and quality crops are pre-requisites for the production of safe and wholesome food.

Modern farming regimes rely on a knowledge-intensive production process with a high degree of efficiency and professional management. Modern farming also requires high standards of hygiene with a particular focus on infection control and the prevention of cross contamination. For the farmer, tailored bio-security and hygiene solutions are vital for a farm’s sustainable success.

With its motto “Prevention is better than cure”, the European Union’s new Animal Health Strategy (2007–2013) explicitly endorses higher levels of farm hygiene as a key driver to public health, food safety, more sustainable farming practices and animal welfare. Preventive hygiene is not only better than cure; it is also proven to be a lot cheaper.

For many years, our suppliers have been the trusted partner of the farming community throughout the world. We are committed to developing and delivering individual solutions that meet our customers’ exact requirements in an effective, efficient and economical way.

Our specific products have been designed to:

  • Protect animal health and improve animal welfare
  • Increase farm output and control or reduce costs
  • Protect the quality of the produced product and ensure a higher degree of Food Safety

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