Ecolab Drysan Oxy Wipes 160pcs

The Ecolab Drysan Oxy Wipes are highly effective cleaning and disinfecting wipes that require no rinsing. Based on the Hi-Speed H2O2™ technology, their fragrance-free composition is compatible with a wide range of surfaces.

Ecolab Drysan Oxy Wipes Features:


  • Innovative H2O2 formula covering a broad performance spectrum.
  • Combats odors, and removes fats and salts.
  • Short action time.
  • Pre-moistened single-use wipes.
  • User-friendly and quick.
  • Time-saving: it disinfects and cleans in one step.
  • Excellent compatibility with materials and effective cleaning.
  • No rinsing is required.


  • Based on Hi-Speed H2O2™ technology.
  • Active substances decompose into water and oxygen after use.
  • Workplace safety: No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required.


  • Positive environmental impact.
  • Composition: 100% solvent-free, quaternary ammonium compound-free, phenol-free, and chlorine-free.
  • Blue liquid-free wipes with non-woven fibers.
  • 100% polypropylene, low lint material.
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