Ecolab Drysan Oxy Wipes 1x700pcs

Ecolab DrySan Oxy Wipes is a cleaning and disinfecting solution designed for use in dry areas at the end of production or during shifts in the food, beverage, and dairy industries.

DrySan Oxy Wipes are ready-to-use cleaning and disinfecting wipes for all food contact surfaces. They are recommended for disinfecting surfaces in food processing plants and food preparation areas that need to be clean and sanitized. They should not be used with other cleaning products.

Advantages of Ecolab DrySan Oxy Wipes:

  • Combination of cleaning and disinfection in one step for improved hygiene results during and after production processes.
  • Excellent performance in dry areas (food packaging lines, dairies, beverages, bakeries).
  • No rinsing is required after application.
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Ecolab Drysan Oxy Wipes 1x700pcs
Ecolab Drysan Oxy Wipes 1x700pcs