Ecolab Eco-Bac Classic 5ltrs

The Ecolab Eco-Bac Classic is a highly effective concentrated cleaner and disinfectant with fragrance and color. The product ensures hygiene and efficiency in food processing areas.

It has a broad spectrum of disinfectant action:

  • Bactericidal according to EN1276 at a concentration of 1.25% (125ml/10L) in 5 minutes.
  • Fungicidal according to EN1650 at a concentration of 0.75% (75ml/10L) in 15 minutes.

Ecolab Eco-Bac Classic Features:

  • Cleanliness: Enhanced hygiene levels due to the cleaning and disinfectant action, suitable for all water-resistant surfaces.
  • Safety: Fast-acting and broad-spectrum disinfectant action for increased safety in food processing areas.
  • Efficiency: Low application concentration and short contact time ensure maximum cleaning results.
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