Ecolab Maxx Indur2 5ltrs

The Ecolab Maxx Indur2 is a high-Performance waterproof maintenance cleaner for hard floors.

The Ecolab Maxx Indur2 is a highly concentrated product that requires minimal training for safety, documentation, storage, and related expenses.


  • Thoroughly cleans surfaces from dirt and, with regular use, reduces dirt adhesion.
  • High dirt absorption capability and low foaming.
  • Includes water-soluble polymers to leave a renewing, anti-soiling membrane on the floor.


  • Effective at low concentrations (from 0.25%) to reduce cleaning costs.
  • Increases intervals between maintenance cleaning, minimizing maintenance expenses.
  • Utilizes the spray buffing method, removing scratches and restoring the original shine.


  • The material-friendly formula allows usage on most waterproof hard floors.
  • The absence of CLP labeling means no personal protective equipment is required.
  • The color-coded system ensures the correct product is always used for the proper cleaning task.
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