Ecolab Maxx Isi2 5ltrs

The Ecolab Maxx Isi2 is a highly concentrated, general-purpose product that requires less training for safety, documentation, storage, and related expenses.


  • The smooth protective film minimizes dirt adhesion and enhances the floor’s appearance.
  • Excellent resistance to scratches, marks, and dirt due to movement.
  • Superior application and film formation properties.


  • Applying the product soon after stripping saves time and minimizes recoating expenses.
  • Long-lasting protection and high gloss with low maintenance costs.
  • Easy application and restoration.


  • The formula without metallic salts and plasticizer TBEP results in a low impact on the environment and indoor air quality.
  • The absence of CLP labeling means that personal protective equipment is not required.
  • A color-coded system ensures the correct product is always used for the proper cleaning task.
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