Ecolab MIP C 24kg 1200kg

Ecolab MIP C is a powerful alkaline cleaner designed for CIP (Clean-In-Place) applications in the food industries, suitable for all water hardness levels.

MIP C is a low-foaming caustic detergent, resulting from a synergistic blend of high-level sequestering and chelating organic agents, making it ideal for automatic cleaning and CIP processes. Due to its NaOH content, it typically requires only two-thirds of the dosage used for conventional caustic CIP detergents.

It is highly effective in removing common contaminants in all water hardness levels. Its low foaming properties allow it to be used in washing machines and CIP applications.


  • High cleaning performance
  • Suitable for all water hardness levels
  • Contains a synergistic blend of water control agents
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