Ecolab P3-Trimeta CD 23kg 1150kg

Discover the power of P3-horolith CD, the perfect acidic liquid cleaning agent crafted for dairy and ice cream industries.

It’s your ultimate solution for CIP systems, providing exceptional cleaning performance. Tailored for the rigorous demands of food processing industries, this potent formula works wonders in eliminating both inorganic and organic residues, ensuring utmost cleanliness and hygiene.

Experience unmatched results with P3-Trimeta CD and maintain a pristine environment for your business.


  • Suitable for use in food processing industries.
  • Ideal for CIP systems.
  • Highly effective in removing inorganic and organic contaminants.
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Ecolab P3-Trimeta CD 23kg
Ecolab P3-Trimeta CD 23kg 1150kg