Ecolab Regain 5ltrs

The Ecolab Regain is a kitchen floor cleaner and degreaser based on a low-foaming alkaline blend with solvents, phosphate-free.

Ecolab Regain breaks down fats and tough stains found on floors in kitchens and food processing areas. It removes organic residues such as oils, fats, and proteins. It comes with fragrance and color.

Application: For daily and periodic cleaning and degreasing of all floors resistant to alkaline solutions and water, in kitchen areas, canteens, and food processing areas. It is ideal for use on ceramic anti-slip epoxy and porous tiles.

Ecolab Regain Features:

  • Cleanliness: Deep cleaning of anti-slip tiles improves the appearance of the kitchen.
  • Safety: Color coding increases safety for users and food.
  • Efficiency: Easy degreasing of floors saves costs.
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Ecolab Regain
Ecolab Regain 5ltrs