Ecolab Ultrasil 620 20kg

Ecolab Ultrasil 620 is a neutral enzymatic cleaning agent developed exclusively for use in conjunction with Ultrasil 120 during the alkaline and enzymatic steps of the Ultrasil MembraneCARE 2.0 program.

The Ultrasil MembraneCARE 2.0 program is designed to improve productivity, reduce CIP time, extend membrane lifespan, and enhance rinsing.

Ultrasil 620 is a liquid neutral product containing a combination of stabilized enzymes and surfactants. It’s suitable for cleaning microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis units in the dairy industry, particularly for equipment used in filtration concentration, cheese whey, milk, and cheese production. Additionally, Ultrasil 620 is suitable for electrodialysis units.

Advantages of Ecolab Ultrasil 620:

  • Productivity enhancement.
  • Helps break down proteins and facilitates effective cleaning.
  • No foam formation with excellent grease removal properties.
  • When used with Ultrasil 120 as part of the Ultrasil MembraneCARE 2.0 program, it contributes to increasing membrane capacity by up to 10%.
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