GPM Softenit Blue 20kg

GPM Softenit Blue is a liquid fabric softener designed for use in both automatic and manual dosing for washing machines. It can be used on all washable fabrics made of cotton or cotton blends.

Advantages of GPM Softenit Blue:

  • Enhances the appearance of clothing: Softenit Blue helps improve the look of your clothes, making them appear fresher and more well-kept.
  • Prolongs fabric life: It smooths the fibers of the fabric, which can contribute to extending the lifespan of your textiles.
  • Softens fabrics: Softenit Blue makes your fabrics feel softer and more comfortable to the touch.
  • Reduces static electricity: It helps reduce static electricity build-up in your clothes, making them easier to handle and wear.
  • Leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance: Softenit Blue leaves your clothes with a pleasant, fresh scent.
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