Ecolab Inspexx 210 20kg

Ecolab Inspexx 210 is a disinfectant specifically designed for cutting tools and surfaces.

It serves as an excellent bactericide, ensuring highly effective sterilization of knives and slaughtering robots. It’s particularly useful as a substitute for sterilization using hot water.

In situations where traditional physical disinfection methods like UV-light or biostatic surface treatment, which usually involve rinsing and longer contact times, are not feasible due to rapid processing speeds, organic soiling, and the need for quick disinfection, alternative systems with an equivalent effect, like the Inspexx 210, can be employed.

When used in slaughtering and cutting facilities, this alternative technology needs to achieve significant biocidal efficacy within seconds. Importantly, it can be applied at lower temperatures to address the limitations of hot water disinfection, such as condensation issues.

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