Ecolab Oven Rinse Power 5ltrs

The Ecolab Oven Rinse Power is specifically designed for use in ovens with a built-in cleaning system.

Its easy and fast application will enhance hygiene levels and the lifespan of the oven. Its special composition balances alkalinity in the baking area and removes salt residues that accumulate during the cooking process.

This product leaves surfaces dry, hygienic, and sparkling clean, saving both time and labor costs.

Ecolab Oven Rinse Power can be used with all automatic cleaning systems in ovens and steam cookers.

For the cleaning stage, we recommend Oven Cleaner Power. Both products are designed to be applied to ensure excellent cleaning results.

Recommended by Electrolux.

Application: For ovens with a built-in cleaning system.

Ecolab Oven Rinse Power Features:

  • Effectiveness: Ensures sparkling surfaces, even in conditions of high water hardness.
  • Safety: Automatic cleaning system, no contact with the product.
  • Efficiency: Quick rinsing action, saving water and labor time.
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