Ecolab P3-Horolith CIP 25kg 1200kg

Ecolab P3-Horolith CIP is an acidic liquid cleaner with disinfectant properties, suitable for the Food and Beverage Industries.

P3-horolith CIP is used for acidic cleaning in a single phase of milk collection containers, cheese and butter molds, as well as for cleaning pipelines, storage tanks, and transfer tanks. It is also utilized in deli meat processing plants for cleaning mobile cooking equipment.


  • Particularly suitable for one-phase acidic cleaning.
  • Has antimicrobial action.
  • Effective at low application concentrations.
  • Efficient for CIP and spray application at temperatures of 45°C and above.
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Ecolab P3-Horolith CIP 25kg
Ecolab P3-Horolith CIP 25kg 1200kg