Ecolab P3-Stabicip OXI 21kg

Ecolab P3-Stabicip OXI is a slightly acidic liquid cleaning booster based on active oxygen, designed for alkaline cleaning solutions in the food industry.

It contains active oxygen, anti-foaming agents, and water hardness stabilizers. Please note that it should not be used in closed systems due to the release of oxygen, which could increase pressure.

Add P3-Stabicip OXI just before cleaning, and it becomes fully effective above 45°C, releasing oxygen to enhance cleaning power.

Product Advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly compared to chlorinated products
  • Biodegradable
  • Swift and thorough removal of stubborn residues
  • Excellent dispersion of contaminants
  • Outstanding anti-foaming action above 40°C
  • Phosphate and nitrogen-free for a more sustainable choice.
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