Ecolab P3-Stabilon MEX Power 265kg

Ecolab P3-Stabilon MEX Power is a liquid additive for alkaline cleaning solutions, specifically designed for cleaning returnable bottles in the beverage and brewing industries.

P3-Stabilon MEX POWER is added to alkaline cleaning solutions in the beverage industry and is specially formulated for bottle cleaning. It effectively removes stubborn residues like mold residues.

This additive does not contain foam inhibitors. In cases where needed, foam inhibitors can be used for hot and/or cold solutions.


  • High cleaning effectiveness
  • Suitable for cleaning glass and PET bottles
  • NTA and surfactant-free
  • Suitable for all water hardness levels

Experience the power of Ecolab P3-Stabilon MEX Power for superior bottle cleaning results in the beverage and brewing industries.

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