Ecolab Solid Clean M 4.5kg

The Ecolab Solid Clean M is an innovative, ultra-concentrated, alkaline solid dishwasher detergent designed for use in moderately hard water. With proven cleaning efficacy and exceptional environmental friendliness, Solid Clean M is Nordic SWAN certified as an eco-friendly product, meeting stringent ecological criteria in material selection and packaging.

Benefits of Ecolab Solid Clean M:

  • Cleaning Power:
    Exceptionally effective against tough stains, even on dried tea and coffee residues, delivering sparkling clean results.
  • Safety:
    Formulated without NTA, EDTA, phosphates, and chlorine, ensuring high ecological standards. In conjunction with the Ecoplus Future dosing system, the 4.5 kg solid detergent capsule ensures the highest safety levels during operation. The compressed Foldable Package reduces waste volume, disposal costs, and transportation expenses, contributing to environmental protection.
  • Efficiency:
    One-pass cleaning saves time and cost, while the ultra-concentrated formula provides a competitive usage cost. The Ecoplus Future dosing system monitors wash functions, optimizing key factors for conserving valuable resources such as water and energy.
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