Ecolab Solid Power XL 4.5kg

The Ecolab Solid Power XL is an innovative, ultra-concentrated alkaline dishwasher detergent in paste form, specifically designed for use in soft water conditions (<10 dH). This groundbreaking product utilizes cutting-edge materials to address global sustainability demands.

Benefits of Ecolab Solid Power XL:

  • Cleaning Power:
    Exceptional degreasing properties remove starch deposits, leaving dishes brilliantly clean.
  • Safety:
    The formula is free from NTA, EDTA, and phosphates, contributing to environmental protection. Special ingredients prevent glass etching. The 4.5kg capsule, used with the ECOPLUS FUTURE VBRi device, ensures maximum safety. The foldable capsule packaging reduces waste, disposal costs, and transportation expenses, promoting environmental conservation.
  • Efficiency:
    Achieve thorough cleaning in a single pass, reducing costs and saving time. The ultra-concentrated formula provides a highly competitive usage cost.
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