Ecolab Topmatic Plus 25kg

The Ecolab Topmatic Plus is an advanced dishwasher detergent designed for automatic dosing using the dispenser pump. Its specialized formula effortlessly removes tough stains from dishes, ensuring impeccable results in just one wash.

This saves time and cost, including water and energy expenses. With chlorine-based bleach agents, it guarantees whitening for items stained by tea or coffee. Suitable for porcelain, glass, plastic, and stainless steel.

Benefits of Ecolab Topmatic Plus:

  • Cleaning Power:
    Exceptional cleaning and whitening action, especially effective against tea and coffee stains.
  • Efficiency:
    Contains active chlorine, promoting efficient cleaning with a single wash cycle.
  • Safety:
    Offers anti-corrosion protection for long-lasting dishwasher and kitchenware durability.
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Ecolab Topmatic Plus
Ecolab Topmatic Plus 25kg