Ecolab Nodsan EAS 20kg

Simply improve your CIP hygiene conditions with the  biocidal additive, Ecolab Nodsan EAS.

Achieving disinfection in food and beverage processing plants typically needs a separate process step after cleaning. With it comes a separate water rinse step in between. This two-phase approach needs extra time and raises overall costs.

NODSAN EAS makes it possible to combine cleaning and disinfection in CIP applications into one step. This helps to save time, water and energy in industrial cleaning. The new Ecolab development is an effective, non-oxidizing CIP disinfectant that can be used alone or in combination with alkaline or acid detergents.

Ecolab Nodsan EAS Benefits:

  • Broad material compatibility
  • No toxicologically relevant reactive by-products such as Chlorate, THM, AOX
  • Most recent BPR norms and conditions applied to all efficacy testing
  • Can be used at higher temperatures than oxidative disinfectants
  • No loss of efficacy during storage CIP phase
  • Time saving potential with associated water and energy savings
  • Prevents spore and bacteriophage cross-contamination in caustic use solutions
  • Long term stability in soaking baths
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