Ecolab P3 Oxonia Active S 22kg

Ecolab P3 Oxonia Active S is an acidic disinfectant liquid based on hydrogen peroxide / peroxyacetic acid, designed for breweries and beverage industries.

This product, P3-Oxonia active, finds its application in breweries and beverage industries for rapidly disinfecting surfaces that come into contact with beverages. This includes areas such as fermentation, storage tanks, bottling tanks, filtration equipment, and filling installations.

Advantages of Ecolab P3 Oxonia Active:

  • Exceptionally effective against various types of microorganisms, even in cold water.
  • Environmentally friendly formulation.

Ecolab’s P3 Oxonia Active S showcases its commitment to providing powerful disinfection solutions tailored to the unique needs of the brewing and beverage sectors.

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Ecolab P3 Oxonia Active S
Ecolab P3 Oxonia Active S 22kg