Ecolab P3 Oxypack S 10 61kg

Ecolab P3 Oxypack S 10 is a liquid disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide for sanitizing materials and packaging in the food industry.

Specifically designed for spray disinfection of packaging materials, P3-oxypack S10 ensures effective sanitation. Its excellent stability enables prolonged machine operation in combination with conventional H2O2 qualities.

Advantages of Ecolab P3 Oxypack S 10:

  • Excellent and fast disinfection properties
  • Low propensity for crystallization in nozzles due to dry residues of less than 10 mg/kg
  • Exceptional stability for spray processes

Ecolab’s Oxypack S 10 exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions for maintaining hygiene standards in the food industry.

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