Ecolab P3 Oxysan ZS 20kg

Ecolab P3 Oxysan ZS is an advanced disinfectant product designed for low-temperature disinfection.

It uses a mechanism based on the synergy of hydrogen peroxide-based components. It’s formulated for application in the Beverage, Dairy, and Food industries.

Key features of P3 Oxysan ZS include:

  • Full biodegradability.
  • Chlorine-free composition.
  • Adherence to pH limits suitable for biological cleaning processes.
  • Complete degradation of its constituents.

Benefits of P3 Oxysan ZS are:

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity.
  • Low application concentration.
  • Effectiveness at low temperatures.
  • Excellent rinsability with water.
  • Residue of the product doesn’t affect foam, cloudiness, or taste of beer.
  • Residue is compatible with dairy cultures.
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Ecolab P3 Oxysan ZS 20kg
Ecolab P3 Oxysan ZS 20kg